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Frequently Asked Questions

How does secure payment and domain ownership transfer work?

We partner with industry leading platforms such as  Escrow.com, PayPal and Dan.com to ensure secure and transparent domain ownership transfer and payment.

Why Premium Domains?

Premium domains are an underestimated digital asset.

The world is now getting exposed to the lucrative nature of digital assets through the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, however the ultimate digital asset has always been - and continues to be - a premium domain for its wide variety of revenue generating use cases, and its untouchable ability to consolidate authority over powerful brands. 

Premium Domains can be leveraged as powerful sub-brands, enhancing and appreciating the value of your primary brand, firm or organization.

How are domains taxed?

Domains are taxed based on how they are accounted for.

For domain investors who acquire and sell domains exclusively as digital real estate, this distinct digital asset class is classified as (digital) property, and not a security.


Each transaction is a taxable event, categorized under Capital Gains; akin to real estate.

If domains are leveraged for commercial purposes (website development, marketing campaigns, etc.), they are instead classified as a business operating expenditure.

Review the tax codes of your corresponding jurisdictions and their Digital Asset regulatory regimes.

How do we know FuegoDomains truly posseses the domain?

To demonstrate proof of ownership, simply type the domain you are interested in into your browser to see how it is redirected to our main page or domain store. (Refer to Value #3 on our home page - use premium domains as a traffic redirection tool)