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November Feature of the Month    

Celebrating the Incoming .XYZ Rush


The .xyz extension is the leading TLD (Top Level Domain) for Web3 and Metaverse strategic positioning.

Note, .xyz is not a blockchain domain, as they are based off of Web2 Registrar databases. However, .xyz formed a strategic partnership with ENS (Ethereum Naming Service: .eth extension), enabling the .xyz to be leveraged with Web3 blockchain functionalities.

.xyz is the preferred extension leveraged by Web3 and Metaverse projects, with its unique and distinct symbolism as the extension for Generations X-Y- and Z, of whom are the predominating demographics participating in the Web3, Metaverse and Digital Economy.

Influential entities leveraging the .xyz extension include Google's parent company Alphabet (abc.xyz), and Jack Dorsey - former Twitter CEO - Web 3 and annointed Web5 projects (Spiral.xyz

October 2022 experienced numerous

5 and 6 figure .xyz Domain acquisitions, including Gaming.xyz for $123,000 and Bull.xyz for $200,000

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