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Nikeland is the official metaverse marketplace for Nike, in collaboration with Roblox.

The launch of Nikeland is Nike's strategic positioning to replicate the success of Fortnite and its lucrative business model:  provide the game / playground to its users free of charge, and generate revenue exclusively through the sale of 'skins' for their gaming avatars.

NFT Apparel is the next iteration of blockchain technology that is about to be unleashed onto the digital economy as an evolutionary process, and Nike is ready to leverage their leadership position in the apparel industry to capitalize on the metaverse and gaming economy, identical to the fortune Fortnite has amassed.

Acquisition includes NikelandStore.com will also include:



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FuegoDomains' mission statement is to educate the world on how premium .com domains are the most underestimated digital asset class, and have always been, and will continue to be, the ultimate digital asset, far more superior to cryptocurrencies and NFTs, for their intrinsic and untouchable ability to consolidate authority over powerful brands.

Crypto and NFTs are dynamite. But .com is King.

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