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.xyz Portfolio Release

The Leading TLD for Web3  & Metaverse

Strategic Positioning

.xyz is the leading Top-Level-Domain (TLD) for Web 3 and Metaverse strategic positioning.

Established in 2014, the .xyz extension distinctly represents a symbol for Generation X, Y and Z, while also representing the last three letters of the Latin-script alphabet.

.xyz formed a prominent partnership with the ENS blockchain (Ethereum Name Service), enabling their extension to be leveraged for Web 3 username accounts (ie. crypto wallets), and is the preferred extension of Web3 and Metaverse start-up ventures.


Although all domain extensions including the .com can form a similar arrangement with ENS,  .xyz stands out for its alignment with Generation X-Y-Z, of whom are the predominating demographics in the burgeoning Digital Economy.

Google's parent company Alphabet registered abc.xyz in 2015 and leverages the domain as its primary landing page and website.

Premium .xyz  domains in the FuegoDomains portfolio include:

M3tav3r53 .xyz

Gam3rs .xyz

Nin10do .xyz

NFTKix .xyz

Tribunals .xyz

YallaHabibi .xyz

View more of our .xyz portfolio at our official Domain Name Store:  0ro.xyz

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