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June Feature of the Month    

Showcasing our  .ca  Premium Domains

ccTLD - Country Code Top Level Domains

.ca is considered one of the leading ccTLDs globally

FuegoDomains is (proudly) a Canadian operation. 

We have FuegoDomains.ca pointed to our .com given our global scope.

ccTLDs provide significant value for operations that focus exclusively on their domestic economies.

As a best practice, securing your ccTLD brand(s) in the .com assists with brand preservation, and for the ability to strategically pivot globally

BitBuy.ca (a Canadian crypto exchange acquired by Wonderfi and 

Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O'Leary) acquired the .com  ( BitBuy.com ) in December 2021 for $1.2 Million, as part of its plans for global expansion and strategic positioning.

.ca at one point was considered as a gTLD for the State of California, given their population is larger than that of Canada.

.ca domains are growing in popularity and continue to rank amongst the top ccTLDs globally.

To acquire this ccTLD, you must meet the requirements of CIRA.

These requirements include being either a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, a registered Canadian corporation, association, educational institution or trademark.

Some of our premium .ca domains include:

Crypto365 .ca

CryptoPortfolios .ca

CryptoPortefeuilles .ca

HomeSpas .ca

DetoxKarma .ca

eOdds  .ca

eWagers .ca

GolfBets .ca

TennisBets .ca

MMADiscipline .ca

NFTPortfolios .ca

NFTPortefeuilles .ca

Riqueza .ca

Sciencia .ca

All you need to know about ccTLDs