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How to Leverage
Premium Domains

Leverage Premium Domains as a Client Conversion/Acquisition Tool

Premium domains can be used to attract prospective clients/customers with relative ease. The more consolidative the brand name, the easier it is.

Run basic, targeted paid ads on social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) with just the domain name.  The .com establishes trust, while the premium domain name sparks curiosity to inquire.    


Example:  DubaiCryptoLawyers.com

Web traffic to your premium domain can be redirected to your existing website, with your URL set as below (as an example)


URL dubaicryptolawyers pic.png

Leverage Premium Domains as Powerful Sub-Brands

Owning powerful, consolidative brand names in the .com enables you to align them as sub-brands to your company, firm or organization.


This strategy creates opportunities to strategically pivot or branch into new areas of business.

Consolidative brand names in the .com can significantly enhance the valuation of your existing company, firm or organization as rare, one-of-a-kind, revenue generating digital assets.

Leverage Premium Domains by Cementing Industry Leadership

By acquiring powerful, consolidative domains at premium and ultra premium prices, your organization signals a powerful message to your industry, marketplace and competitors.


You mean business.

You are planting your flag, and making it known.