2022 Digital Economy Forecast

FuegoDomains' 2022 Forecast for the Digital Economy

(Published December 31, 2021)

NFT Gaming is Bear Market Proof

Play-to-Earn is providing more daily income than a day of labor in agriculture. This has already been experienced in parts of Africa, and with Cardano planting its flag in the continent to expand crypto adoption through it's planned DeFi services, for the African continent, which has the largest population of unbanked inhabitants (not possessing a personal bank account), the value proposition of crypto for a better standard of living on multiple fronts will be too appealing to ignore. Additionally, crypto trading behavior dictates when bull runs fade, gamers will game even more. NFT Gaming coins in 2022 will be as green as a golf course.

NFT Apparel Will Moon - NFT Sneakers Will Lead The Charge.

Nike Will Be Unrivaled Leader

Metaverse Fashion is Digital Oil

NFT Apparel will be / is the next iteration of blockchain technology to be unleashed in the digital economy as an evolutionary process. The incredible success of Fortnite's business model (offering the game for free, generating revenue exclusively on the sale of 'skins' for their gaming avatars), is what Meta and Nike are positioning themselves to replicate in the metaverse. Nikeland's launch is a mirror of Fortnite's business model, and their acquisition of RTFKT is their strategic power play to leverage their sports apparel, and more importantly, sneakers collection community, into the metaverse. Nike NFT Apparel, and specifically their sneakers line of business, are going to make it rain digital oil in 2022.

Forever 21 and Paris Hilton also just announced a similar partnership with Roblox, and there will be plenty more. It is only just beginning.

Professional Sports Sectors Will Go All-In Metaverse

via Gaming Verticals and Esports Franchises

Steph Curry's NFT sneaker collection announcement in December of 2021 sets the stage for NFT Apparel to be the highlight of the digital economy in 2022, as the professional sports sector is ready and uniquely positioned to leverage NFT Apparel sales in its Gaming verticals and Esports franchises, with Nike being its convenient trojan horse catalyst.

NFT Music Will be the Next Frontier After Apparel

Major players in the digital economy and NFT space can only handle so much at once. This is why the digital economy is a galaxy of opportunity, and some are estimating its market cap to be in the hundreds of trillions of dollars over the next decades.

NFT Music (audio) will be the next frontier for the arts sector, following the JPEG (visual) intensive 2021 year. The first Metaverse Label launched as a branch of the Bored Ape Yacht Club phenomenon, called Aped-In Productions, with one of its co-founders being Timbaland. Expect this frontier to begin picking up steam in Q3 and Q4 of 2022. The music industry is long over due for a structural shake up.

NFT Music will Rock, the boat.

NFT Market Cap Will Break $1 Trillion The momentum of NFT Art in 2021 is only going to compound and generate even more steam in 2022.

However, 2022 will be the year of NFT Apparel, or as previously mentioned, Digital Oil. The Gaming and Esports sectors will be propelled by the professional sports sectors' desire to capitalize on the metaverse.

Nike, arguably the sports apparel leader, is going all-out metaverse in 2022.

Additionally, NFT Watches will be making some noise in 2022, with a major backer and NFT influencer in Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O'Leary, who is backing NFT Watches, as a personal watch collector himself, and with his deep pockets.

Muslim Economies Will Jump into Crypto

The UAE has been positioning itself as a welcoming leader for the cryptocurrency industry for the Middle East, which will continue to grow Dubai x Miami business relations pertaining to the cryptocurrency industry, including IBC Group financing Miami 2.0 Blockchain Strategy Foundation.

The implosion of the Turkish Lira at the end of 2021, forcing President Ergodan to reverse a very strict stance against crypto adoption for the Turkish economy will have immense implications for Muslim economies, as Turkey has now introduced crypto laws to be adopted in 2022.

Turkey's economy is an underestimated sleeping giant, with immense influence on similar Muslim economies, in particular textile-rich and population-dense Indonesia. Turkey's leadership position for Muslim economies is identical to Germany's role and influence in Europe. This very late development at the end of 2021 sets the precedent for all Muslim economies to follow suit in 2022, and they will.

Europe Will Gravitate Towards Crypto - Replicating Germany's Lead

The most underestimated development of 2021 that did not receive the attention it rightfully deserved was Germany's newly created law enabling institutional investment firms to allocate up to 20% of their AUM (assets under management) into the cryptocurrency market.

This announcement sets the precedent for the rest of the European Union to follow suit in 2022, and is only 20% for now.

Crypto.com Will Become the Official Sponsor of FIFA

Crypto.com are without a doubt the most aggressive strategic marketers of the crypto industry, locking up sponsorship deals and blockbuster naming rights in the professional sports sectors with a particular focus on emerging sports markets, including the UFC, Formula 1, Paris St. Germain, the Copa Libertadores and the notorious blockbuster rebranding of the former Staples Center to Crypto.com Arena. They have brand recognition, possess ultra premium status, partner with an existing FIFA sponsor (VISA), and have the momentum and full capability to pull off the mother of all professional sports sponsorship deals, with the boldness to unseat juggernaut Coca Cola within the same year of a FIFA World Cup. FIFA will also be seeking to align themselves with a new official leading sponsor that enables them to leverage their lucrative and globally top ranking Gaming verticals and Esports franchises to capitalize on the digital oil fields of the metaverse. (EA Sports FIFA has been one of the most successful gaming franchises in the global economy over the past decade and in the history of Gaming in general)

Crypto.com is their match made in digital heavan. Expect this announcement to be made in May 2022 during the Qatar Grand Prix Happy Fiscal New Year from FuegoDomains.com